Suzanne, Alex and Effie

Saturday, January 16th, 2016

By Emma Burton

My husband, Alex and I were on your course in September 2015 and found it really beneficial. It proved to be very useful too when labour kicked in and really helped me.

EffieFirstly, she (Effie) was 2 weeks early and I had no idea I was in labour and before I knew it contractions were 3 mins apart and really quite challenging! My husband was great and got straight on the phone to the hospital. As it turned out Bristol was very busy and both Southmead and St Michael’s were full and Cossham would not accept me as I am over 40, so we had to go to Bath.

My husband was googling how to get there as well as finishing packing the bag and I was busy dressing in between surges. I was using the breathing techniques the entire time but to be honest I was probably doing J Breathing in hindsight as I was 8cm dilated by the time I was in hospital and she was born within the hour in her bag, waters didn’t break. I had gas and air, which was amazing (felt so drunk!) but I am sure I breathed her out! We also in the rush managed to have fairy lights and lovely music playing, even the midwife said how lovely it was. We did ask for a water birth but she arrived so quickly we didn’t have time but within the hour of her being born we decided to all get in and she had her first little swim!

So a massive thank you for helping to make the arrival of Effie such a wonderful experience.