Thanks From Our Amazing Parents

We feel so honoured and grateful to have helped so many Mums & Dads have incredible births…


“Your HypnoBirthing classes prepared me and my husband for birthing our baby beautifully. She arrived without intervention and I had no pain relief apart from 4 paracetamol.”


“(The course) made so much sense and we felt the teaching was awesome, positive and empowering. I’m almost 39 weeks and feeling very positive and excited about the birth.
Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to learn about hypnobirthing.”

Eli“Thanks to Purely Pregnant for introducing me to Hypnobirthing and showing us there is an alternative way of giving birth.”



“My labour only lasted 4 and a half hours (with just gas and air to help through the final stages.)”


“The stuff you do is truly amazing.”


henry“Henry’s birth was a wonderful experience – I can’t thank you enough!

Throughout the whole labour I didn’t need any pain relief.

I can honestly say that it wasn’t a painful experience.

I look back at the birth as a really positive and enjoyable experience in every sense and I know that I have you to thank for that.”



“Best money I think I’ve ever spent!”


IMG_0685“I had the most amazing birth I can’t thank you enough.

You helped me conquer all my fears about giving birth and empowered me to trust that my body would know what to do.

Never at any point during my labour was I in pain, sure it was an intense all consuming sensation but it wasn’t painful.”




“I was breathing through the contractions and was in total control.”


DSC01290“I recently had the most amazing birthing experience and really wanted to email and thank you.

I really enjoyed your classes, the content was excellent, the techniques learned invaluable and your hospitality and warm welcome were second to none.

It only took me 9 hours to give birth to Arthur and I was incredibly grateful to the HypnoBirthing breathing and relaxation techniques.

It really was just the most magical, calm time and I owe both beautiful births to you, thank you so much.

I recommend your course to every pregnant person I meet!

I wish you and your gorgeous family all the best for the future and can’t thank you enough.


“I feel that I have the knowledge now to have the birth experience I have always wanted but never thought was actually possible”


rhianna“I found the Guided Relaxation so useful that I even managed to sleep through contractions- I was utterly amazed!!!

I felt totally in control and confident through the majority of my labour and the background knowledge made everything a lot less scary.”



“My birth went exactly to plan and the time just flew by!”



esmeLabour was fine, so much so I thought (along with the midwives) that the contractions had stopped!

Luckily they examined me and found I was fully dilated and ready to go!

Esme born 2 hours later and the only pain relief was paracetamol and codeine at 11am!



“I managed without ANY pain relief during the whole thing!  My frame of mind was so positive and I felt in control and not fearful at all.”



anna“My birth was fantastic!!

The techniques definitely worked for me – I was totally in the zone for the contractions but was able to chat and even argue about who composed the music on the birthing tape in between!!

I felt totally able to birth naturally, no fear just focus.”




“The fears I had before have evaporated.”



“I don’t think we could have asked for a better labour and birth experience.

The HypnoBirthing was amazing and Matt and I cannot stop talking about how much it contributed to a successful labour and birth experience.

You have been a huge support to me throughout the past few months and I have really relied on your knowledge and wisdom.

I feel very lucky to have found you and think you have a real skill with helping pregnant women.”


“Fabulously personalised”


jasmineThe Midwife tried to manage our expectations by advising us that, given how calm I was, she did not think that the labour would have progressed at all.

I had an examination and was told I was 6cm!

The midwife was very surprised and Mark and I were so relieved that we both shed a few tears!”




“Your course empowered us to take control and thoroughly enjoy our birthing experience this time round.”


zacspag1“Thank you so much for enabling us to have the birth that we hoped for.

By the time we got to hospital I was already 8 cm dilated.

It was lucky we ignored the advice of the midwife who told us to stay at home – as she didn’t think I sounded like I was in labour!

Zac was born an hour and a half later in the birth pool at St Michaels.

The techniques we learned and practiced in the run up were invaluable and enabled us to have the birth we had hoped for – and no stitches necessary! 🙂



“I feel much more relaxed and confident.”


zacspag3“Darren here (Addy’s husband), just wanted to say a BIG thank you for helping us prepare for the most amazing day of our lives.

Although she won’t say it Addy was absolutely amazing and the birth a really emotional (and amazingly calm!) experience.

It really worked for us!”


“Would highly recommend you to others.”



Kristal-300x225The early stage of labour progressed quickly home so that when the midwives arrived, I was fully dilated.

With the techniques I was able to remain in control and I was supported by a birth partner who knew what to expect and was able to give me exactly the encouragement I needed.

I know it would have been a completely different experience if I had not done the course!”


“We are now looking forward to the task at hand rather than fearing it.”


grace“We had our baby girl on Saturday 4th May 2013 evening in a birthing pool as planned!

I was feeling seriously chilled out after all the positive Birthing Affirmations and Guided Relaxations I used.

The hypno-birthing made a huge difference.

I feel so much better than I did after the birth of my son and so fortunate to have had such a different birthing experience this time round.



“I had a wonderful and quick birth.”


“We’ve no doubt that your course empowered us to take control and thoroughly enjoy our birthing experience this time round!”


“I’ve gone from nervousness to excitement.”


“Very supportive and non-judgmental. We were never forced in our choices – just given reasonable advice and suggestions”

“We found the course extremely positive and informative and it has given us me a huge amount of confidence in my pregnancy”


“I felt it was practical, honest and has given a brilliant range of tools to approach my birth with.”

“Educational, informative and enjoyable”


“Really appreciated the down to earth, non-ideological approach. We feel much more confident approaching our due date because of this course, ready to roll and well equipped for what comes.”

“Professional, friendly and knowledgeable.”


“I really enjoyed the relaxation and breathing practices. The whole experience has been really beneficial”

“We have been given the tools we need to embark on a happy and calm experience for the birth.  I feel empowered and positive”


“Really useful course that provides the tools for a relaxed and calm birth. You teach in a very relaxed yet knowledgeable fashion which gives confidence.”

“Very supportive. Thank you!”


“Loved it. Very transformational and empowering”