Nicki, Mark & Jasmine

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

By Emma Burton

DSC_0485Baby Jasmine was born at Cossham at 21:57 on 24/04/2013.  Mark and I originally went into Cossham on Tues morning (23rd) as contractions had started the night before but we were told I was only 1 1/2 – 2cm dilated so went home to progress. We went back to Cossham on the Wednesday morning a little disheartened as I did not believe that the labour had really progressed.

The Midwife tried to manage our expectations by advising us that, given how calm I was, she did not think that the labour would have progressed at all.

I had an examination and was told I was 6cm! The midwife was very surprised and Mark and I were so relieved that we both shed a few tears! All of the breathing and relaxation techniques we had learnt together looked like they were working! I continued to dilate for a few hours with the surges completely manageable but  at quite a slow pace so we opted to have my waters broken to speed things up. At this point, things got considerably more intense!

After a lot (a real lot) of hard work, a fair amount of pushing and almost the entire staff at Cossham assisting baby Jasmine was born, weighing in at a feather weight 9lb 2oz!

Baby Jasmine is now 4 days old and doing well. A tiny bit jaundiced but we’re going to cuddle the colour back into her! She’s our finest creation and can’t believe how much we love her!!!