Nicki, James & Benjamin

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

By Emma Burton

IMG_0623Benjamin who was born on 28th September 2012. I had the most amazing hypnobirth and despite his rather ‘healthy’ birth weight of 9lbs 1oz, I didn’t need any pain relief or intervention except an episiotomy to get his enormous head out! We got to hospital at 9.00.

Our midwife  found that I was 6cm dilated when I arrived, which was a huge relief as I was terrified about being sent home.

By 10.30 I was fully dialated and James went through transition as he watched me work harder than I have ever worked to birth Benjamin. Fortunately he kept all his fears to himself!

Benjamin arrived at midday exactly and I was able to have the physiological 3rd stage that I wanted and plenty of skin to skin time.

He is the most wonderfully calm baby, who knows if this is down to his smooth comfortable birth, but I like to think so. We are totally and completely in love.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me treat my pregnancy and birth like training for a marathon.

Doing the course with you helped me conquer all my fears about giving birth and empowered me to trust that my body would know what to do.

Never at any point during my labour was I in pain, sure it was an intense all consuming sensation but it wasn’t painful.