Kristal and Minnie

Monday, December 17th, 2012

By Emma Burton

HypnoBirthing Mum KristalI gave birth to Minnie on 20th July 2010, weighing 8lb 3oz at Southmead Hospital.

I would really recommend the HypnoBirthing course, it made me much calmer and more relaxed overall and I was able to enjoy my pregnancy and be really active, I was not concerned about the labour.

The early stage of labour progressed quickly home and my husband helped me focus on the HypnoBirthing techniques so that when the midwives arrived, I was fully dilated.

With the techniques I was able to remain in control and I was supported by a birth partner who knew what to expect and was able to give me exactly the encouragement I needed.

I know it would have been a completely different experience if I had not done the course!

I have also made some great friends who I see often, are a great support and I know will be friends for life – thanks Leyla!