Ilana, Aaron and Neri

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

By Emma Burton

Neri HypnoBirthingWe just wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby daughter arrived on 3rd April 2014 in our living room!

It was a wonderful home birth, even though she was back-to-back – lots of hypnobirth techniques were used to help get through the labour without any painkillers apart from 2 paracetamol! The breathing techniques really helped me and although I can’t say there wasn’t any pain it was all totally worth it once the calm little bundle arrived.

The hypnobirthing really helped to prepare Aaron and I for labour and it truly went as well as we could have wished for, with Neri arriving just after dawn on the floor of our front room.

The pregnancy yoga also really helped me as because she was back to back it ended up being a very active birth – a lot of lunges, squats, crabbing up and down the stairs, etc. so yoga was great preparation!

The three of us wanted to thank you for the wonderful course and helping us to prepare to meet our lovely little girl in the best way we could.