Harriet, David & Henry

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

By Emma Burton

HypnoBirthing BabyHenry William was born on the 27th June 2013 weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces.

The birth was a wonderful experience which I know was down to the hypnobirthing techniques – I can’t thank you enough and I have been telling everyone I know that hypnobirthing is the way forward!

I was really relaxed in the days leading up to my due date – in fact I was looking forward to the birth so I could put all the techniques into practice. I booked a reflexology and acupuncture appointment on my due date, both of which were lovely and relaxing and made me feel even more ready. The following day I went for a nice long lunch with friends and went to bed about 10. At about 11.30 my contractions started, they weren’t painful and I lay on my side in bed and breathed through them with the surge breathing and calm breathing in between. I didn’t wake my husband as I was feeling fine and thought if things don’t get moving until the morning there is no need for us both to have a disturbed night. They were about 8 mins apart and a minute long from the beginning and totally manageable (so much so that I was able to sleep in between them and it took a while for me to be convinced it wasn’t Braxton hicks) I was feeling quite excited!

My waters broke at 2.30 and I leapt out of bed so as not to get the mattress wet! This woke up David who leapt out of bed the other side! I told him that I had been having contractions and we called the hospital about 3 ish. I spoke to them and explained I was fine with the contractions and they said wait at home until they weren’t manageable any more. David got our bags together and for a while we thought we would wait at home in case I wasn’t that far along and we got sent home. After about an hour I just had a feeling that I wanted to go to the hospital, that I would be happier there, so we got ready and left about 4.30.

Once there they put us in one room while they ran the pool for us, I started having the urge to push so they examined me and I was already 10 cm dilated (lucky we hadn’t stayed at home any longer!) it was about 5.30 by then and the pool was ready so we went through and got in. This room was dimly lit, and I had downloaded the music that was played during your pregnancy yoga classes and that played throughout, it was lovely – it felt like a spa room, not a hospital! The 2 midwives were quiet throughout, I started using the birth breathing and calm breathing and stayed very relaxed.

We only decided on a water birth a week or so before, but I am so glad we did, I was so comfortable and supported by the water that all i had to focus on was the breathing, and David sat by my head holding my hands and passing me a drink to sip on. I think I even fell asleep, or zoned out, between pushes/contractions. David and the midwives commented to each other that they were a bit spaced out too with the relaxing music! It was very peaceful. It was the first water birth the student midwife had done, she asked the midwife if they were all this peaceful – and she said definitely not! They commented to David how much I seemed ‘in the zone’ and how calm I was.

Henry was born at 7.47 after a few pushes at the end, he was alert and had a little squeak – he was perfect! We sat in the pool skin to skin while I delivered the placenta naturally (which was fine), and David cut the cord ( he wasn’t planning on it as he is not great with hospitals/blood, but he was so glad he did). It was so lovely to have Henry arrive into such a peaceful environment.

Throughout the whole labour I didn’t need any pain relief – no gas and air, not even a paracetamol. I can honestly say that it wasn’t a painful experience – uncomfortable at most, and hard work at the end (I was pretty tired and wobbly when I got out of the pool) but not painful. I look back at the birth as a really positive and enjoyable experience in every sense and I know that I have you and the hypnobirthing to thank for that.