Grace, Dan and Thalia

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

By Emma Burton

Hypnobirthing Baby ThaliaWe had our baby girl on Saturday 4th May 2013 evening in a birthing pool as planned! Thalia Eden Morgan Tait was exactly a week after her due date. I was booked in for a scan at St Micheals on Tues to check everything was okay as I had refused 2 sweeps, being determined to do everything naturally this time. I was feeling seriously chilled out after all the positive affirmations and rainbow relaxations and not in a rush to get her out which obviously helped make that decision.

On the Friday I finally got round to getting the raspberry leaf tea from Neals Yard that Leyla had recommended. On Saturday I had one strong tea at breakfast then felt like I needed to go back to bed. My waters then broke at 10:20am and continued to break until the afternoon. I was still a bit doubtful that I was actually in labour as the surges didn’t start until around 2:30. I stayed in bed and listened to the affirmations and then the rainbow relaxation and felt very chilled out.

When Vicky, our midwife, arrived at 5:30ish I was already 6-7cm dilated, and although becoming more uncomfortable I wasn’t begging for gas and air by this stage as I had been last time. I found the breaths helped me to stay focussed and as relaxed as possible.

Once I had got into the pool the surges really intensified and time seemed to speed up. Dan prompted me with the visualisations but by this stage I had gone into myself completely and was already feeling my body begin to push. I had a moment of fear about this thinking that surely it was too soon but Vicky just told me to do what my body was telling me, so I switched to the J breath interspersed with various animalistic sounds that seemed to come from nowhere (luckily we had warned the neighbours, so no one phoned the police!)

As Thalia wasn’t in distress Vicky stepped back and let Dan and I get on with it, which was fantastic. I asked for gas and air just before she came out so it wasn’t hugely effective, but helped me focus on breathing, Then, at 7:17pm out came a very chilled out Thalia. I feel so much better than I did after the birth of my son and so fortunate to have had such a different birthing experience this time round. The hypno-birthing made a huge difference.