Gosia, Pawel and Alma

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

By Emma Burton


Hello Leyla, James and the whole great team at Purely Pregnant.

Our baby girl Alma safely and happily arrived on the 30th August 2016, two days before the due date.

We had a home birth and everything went so well. I still cannot comprehend how quick the delivery was…

My waters broke during sleep at 2.50 AM and Alma gave me her first cuddle at 7.12 AM. Yes – that makes 4 hours and 22 mins. We still cannot believe it… We didn’t even make it to the birthing pool.

I had to insist that the midwife comes to us, as the hospital care givers were advising to wait until morning for the labour to progress (quite understandable with the first baby!).

Thanks to Hypnobirthing, Yoga and all the preparation with my husband, I was so connected to my body. I just knew the baby was to come very soon. So we firmly requested the midwife to arrive ASAP. A lovely and very supportive Juliette finally arrived at 5.45 AM and confirmed I was fully dilated and ready to start birthing…

I cannot say it was easy, neither am I able to say there was no pain. But truly – the reassurance gained from the course kept me going and trusting my birthing body. I could just surrender and allow it all without fear. Amazing!

Alma is absolutely gorgeous and we are totally IN LOVE. She didn’t cry after birth and was looking at me with her eyes wide open. So aware. She is beautifully settled and feeding well. I have never seen baby that is so calm!

Thank you <3