Gemma, Sam and Leo

Monday, September 29th, 2014

By Emma Burton

imageJust wanted to drop you an email to let you know that our son, Leo Peter Grindle was born at home on 19th March weighing 6lb 12oz.

Our birth was really amazing, and overwhelmingly positive I think largely down to the breathing and relaxation techniques I learned in hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga.

For me, labour was something I was really dreading at the start of my pregnancy but I found that hypnobirthing completely changed my outlook and I went into birth feeling positive and excited rather than fearful. The birth took just 11 hours in total and I got by on just 3 paracetamol and a birth pool. The midwife was amazed when she examined me to find I was fully dilated due to how relaxed and in control I was, at the end of the birth one of the midwives even said “another hypnobirthing success story” which I think says it all. 🙂

I just wanted to thank you both for all of the support that we had from Purely Pregnant throughout this whole experience, from the yoga classes, to the hypnobirthing sessions and Leyla’s weekly emails. I feel that I’ve come on such a journey – from being so terrified of birth that I struggled to even think about it, to having a natural birth in the comfort of my own home – a truly transformational experience – I cannot thank you enough for helping me to have such a fabulous birth.

So far I’m loving being a mummy, although I’ll confess to missing the pregnancy yoga sessions (although sitting cross-legged in a yoga pose has proven really comfortable for breast feeding!). If you could pass my news on to Lucy (yoga teacher) that would be great.