Addy, Darren & Zac

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

By Emma Burton


We had a beautiful baby boy, Zac on 1 October 2011 – he was 6 days late. My labour was 9.5 hours long.

I managed at home with a tens machine and by the time we got to hospital I was already 8 cm dilated.

It was lucky we ignored the advice of the midwife who told us to stay at home (as she didn’t think I sounded like I was in labour) or we may have had an unplanned home birth (we forgot to let her know we were doing HypnoBirthing)!

Zac was born an hour and a half later in the birth pool at St Michaels.

The techniques we learned and practiced in the run up were invaluable and enabled us to have the birth we had hoped for – and no stitches necessary! 🙂 

Zac is an absolute star, he is very content and full of life and character – a recent pic of him tucking into some spaghetti is attached.


Hi Guys,

Darren here (Addy’s husband), just wanted to say a BIG thank you for helping us prepare for the most amazing day of our lives.

Although she won’t say it Addy was absolutely amazing and the birth a really emotional (and amazingly calm!) experience.

I would like to emphasise to anyone on your course how important the practice is.

It really worked for us!


All the best

Addy, Darren & Zac x