Kate, Stu and Esme

Friday, March 15th, 2013

By Emma Burton

Esme - HypnoBirthing Baby

Just to let you know our little girl Esme was born Tues Feb 19th 2013 at 7.47pm.

Labour was fine, so much so I thought (along with the midwives) that the contractions had stopped as all I had was a pain in my bottom! Luckily they examined me before inducing me (as my waters had broken) and found I was fully dilated and ready to go! Esme born 2 hours later and the only pain relief was paracetamol and codeine at 11am!

The midwives were stunned as whilst bottom pain is a sign to push, that was the only one I had whilst I was in labour. I was talking at the desk with them really coherently saying ‘if I could get rid of the pain in my bottom I could restart contractions’ and walking around the car park – all the while being 10cm dilated!

I was breathing through the contractions and was in total control. Also I never felt panicked and kept calm all the time which helped.