Watch Our Video Taster Session

Our Video Taster Session

Want To Know the Secret to an Amazing Birth?

Then join me in the video below for my exclusive and inspirational “HypnoBirthing Taster Express” – birthing knowledge you don’t want to be without!

Learn how to remain Calm, Confident & in control during YOUR Birth.

During this Purely Pregnant Taster Session you’ll discover:

  • How HypnoBirthing helps to significantly reduce: your risk of TEARING, necessity for PAIN RELIEF and incidence of medical INDUCTION
  • The SCIENTIFIC Principles underlying everything we teach.
  • How HypnoBirthing Mums are able to produce their own NATURAL and INSTANT form of pain relief.
  • What NHS MIDWIVES have to say about this incredibly inspiring approach to birth.
  • How, with the right tools, you can remain CALM and in CONTROL – enabling you to have the incredible birth we know is possible!

Just CLICK “Play” on the video below – sit back and be inspired!

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