The Purely Pregnant Team

Our Team of HypnoBirthing Teachers

Purely Pregnant was founded on the vision of creating a specialist service in the areas of pregnancy and childbirth based on principles of holistic health and yoga.

Purely Pregnant represents the vision of Emma Burton and her team’s expertise over many years in the fields of HypnoBirthing and yoga.



Suzi Griffin

Suzi teaches HypnoBirthing

A yoga teacher and therapist since 2003, Suzi has taught hundreds of students in group classes and one to one therapy situations. Her experience of becoming a mother to 2 children led to an interest in alternative antenatal support, pregnancy yoga and active birth.

Inspired by the stories of Hypnobirthing students and teachers who attended her classes and keen to find out how they seemed to experience childbirth with little or no pain, Suzi went on to train to teach HypnoBirthing and is delighted to now be part of the Purely Pregnant team.


Louise Pimm

Louise & Harry

Louise first discovered HypnoBirthing looking for a way to manage labour when she was pregnant with her son Harry. After searching online and discovering hypnobirthing, she attended a course with Purely Pregnant, feeling both relieved and excited to have found techniques to stay calm and in control through labour. Louise used these successfully to have the beautiful, calm, comfortable birth she hoped to have for her son.

Louise joined the Purely Pregnant team to share her experiences, promote a positive message about birthing, and to use her training experience to help other parents prepare for a calm, comfortable birth in a positive way.

Outside of her birth preparation work, Louise has over ten years of experience in Staff Support and Training with Health & Social Care workers in Local Government.


Jessie Tomico

Jessica Tomico (HypnoBirthing)

With a background in teaching and a longstanding interest in natural and alternative approaches to health, Jessica trained and qualified as a HypnoBirthing practioner following the birth of her first child.

Jessica is a passionate advocate for the invaluable HypnoBirthing techniques and pregnancy yoga preparation that helped her throughout the pregnancy and birth of her son, Lucas.

Jessica is grateful for the opportunity to support Mums and birthing partners to prepare for a calm and confident birth as they embark upon the most special journey of welcoming a child into the world.