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Hi, I’m Leyla Fellows

And it’s lovely to meet you!

It’s my belief that the only thing standing between you and YOUR best birth is a single decision – the decision to prepare for your birth in a proven, systematic way – using techniques that really work.

And, together with my team of highly experienced HypnoBirthing teachers, it’s my passion and purpose to get you there – to help you to stay calm and in control as you experience a far shorter, more comfortable birth than perhaps you believe is even possible right now.

I’ve done it myself (twice) and I’ve trained hundreds of other mothers to do it, too. And I want you to know that it’s possible for you, too.


So, If you’d like to…

  • Transform birthing anxiety & fear into real calm using scientifically proven methods
  • Learn simple techniques to help you achieve a quicker birth with less chance of surgical interventions
  • Have the 1-to-1 support of an experienced childbirth educator and HypnoBirthing Mum
  • Be in a positive environment that affirms your ability to have the birth YOU want
Heather HypnoBirther(2)

“We went in at midnight & were home by 10am. It went better than we could have ever imagined.”


Our HypnoBirthing Courses will show you…

  • Your most powerful resource in labour & how to have it working for, not against you
  • The only 3 Breathing Techniques you’ll need to shorten your labour & reduce pain
  • Why birthing success is like training for a marathon & the 3 Secrets to optimal preparation
Emma_HypnoBirther (2)

“The birth was entirely drug free, with no pain relief needed, and the whole labour took 12 hours from the very beginning.”